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Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I am not Catholic or Presbyterian, may I still qualify to live at the Catholic Presbyterian Apartments?

Absolutely, we make no distinction among our residents. There are people of many different religious affiliations living here. All are welcome and enjoy the same quality of living.

2. How safe is it to live at Catholic Presbyterian Apartments?

Quite simply, it is safer than any other comparable facility in Baton Rouge. The building is staffed and patrolled 24 hours per day and secured at night. All visitors are required to register at the Reception/Security desk and after hours must be identified by a resident before being admitted into the building. The street lighting and lighting we have added to the building make it one of the most well lighted neighborhoods in Baton Rouge.

3. I no longer drive a car. Will I still be able to get around without having to depend on my children?

Approximately 90% of our residents no longer drive a car. However, with most needs provided within the building or available within walking distance, the dependence on a car is minimized. The city transit system stops at the corner next to the building, and you have access to the free downtown trolley and volunteer transportation.

4. All too often senior citizens are shut away and lose control of those things which affect their quality of life. As a resident, will I have a voice in how the Apartments operate and can I make suggestions for improvements?

The resident Council provides a method by which all relevant tenant concerns are brought to the attention of the management. Periodically, meetings of all residents are held to provide a forum for information and discussion.